Viva Arte Viva: an act of resistance, of liberation and of generosity

This Biennale Arte is inspired by humanism by the kind of humanism that celebrates mankind’s ability to avoid, through art, being dominated by the powers that govern world affairs, which if left to their own devices, can greatly affect the human dimension for the worse. This is a humanism in which the artistic act is an act of resistance, of liberation and of generosity.

Another remarkable aspect of this edition are the 120 artists who have been invited to the curator's Exhibition, 103 of them for the first time. Some are discoveries, many others are rediscoveries. The courage to make choices is yet another concrete expression of our confidence in the world of art, and the direct encounter with the artist becomes a strategic event, with a programme unprecedented in size and courage.

86 National Participations concur to create the pluralism of voices that is the hallmark of La Biennale, with 23 Collateral Events and the Special project for the Pavilion of Applied Arts in collaboration with the Victoria and Albert Museum of London. Throughout, the Biennale Danza, Teatro, Cinema and Musica will be taking place, with their relative Biennale College workshops, and many of them will be held in the Exhibition venues at the Arsenale.