Glow of Life: light experience with ASUS

ASUS Design Center presents the Glow of Life exhibition at Milan Design Week from 12th-17th April, 2016 at Padiglione Visconti, Via Tortona 58.

The Glow of Life theme at Milan Design Week is inspired by Zen and the beauty of nature. ASUS designers look to these ideas of Zen harmony and the vividness of nature to create exciting new technology that empowers users by bringing light and color to their worlds through engaging digital experiences


For the Glow of Life exhibition, ASUS Design Center created a forest of illuminated tree sculptures, each fitted with a glowing sensor that pulses and cycles through different colors representing the four seasons: pastel colors for spring, brilliant oranges and greens for summer, rich warm tones for autumn, and cool whites and blues for winter.

Visitors to the exhibition can use their smartphone's flashlight to interact with each tree's sensor. When the light shines on it, the color currently displayed on the sensor will spread up 2 of 3 the trunk, simulating the effect of the tree absorbing water. The longer the light shines on the sensor, the more the color will grow and spread, while a projection of the seasonal color will simultaneously spread on the wall behind the tree, similar to the effect of growing leaves. 

As other visitors interact with different trees in the installation, the display will grow more intense and impactful, and the forest will come alive with a mesmerizing and harmonious display of light and color.