Venice Biennale Architecture 2014

Venice Biennale of Architecture is an international exhibition of architecture biannually set in Venice, Italy. The main topic of this year is  fundamentals.  Hilight is the central pavilion that exhibit   elements of architecture (e o a) directed by Rem Koolhass  showing the timeline of every elements which leads to the creation of different environments.

Each section of this exhibition illustrates content from elements of architecture by Rem Koolhass the book show the result of 2 year research studio with  Harvard University Graduate School of Design led by Rem Koolhaas, AMO and Stephan Trüby The original content represent on the wall as well as Pivot Books and projection. Each section exhibit the past, present and future of each elements. The exhibition show out 15 elements in 18 following zones.

01 Ceiling

with Manfredo di Robilant

Display the ceiling by Mies van de Rohe and Typical False Ceiling, as well as ceiling design.

02 Introduction Area

Take us to the elements of architecture (e o a) by tons of selected books, multimedia, and diagrams

  • This section provides the library and reading zone.
  • The isolation at the center present film montage by Davide Rapp
  • AMO Diagrams illustrates the evolution of elements behind every room

03 Window

Exhibit the wildow collection rescue by Charles Brookingsince 17th-19th century. Also show the Sobinco windo factory on the other side.

04 Corridor

with Stephan Trüby

Exhibit “Contemporary Exit Corridor” with photos, videos , and simulations. Provides the seats for watching the video of the legendary 10kmof corridor in Welbeck Abbey, England.

05 Floor

with Keller Easterling

Display the false floor especially the Power Generation Dance Floor. The other side are the memorable floors from around the world.

06 Balcony

with Tom Avermaete

Said that balcony is historically important. without them the world could be totally different. The section exhibit Mashrabiya Balcony and Mussoliny's Balcony in the actual size.

From the Mashrabiya Balcony we could looking out to see the Introduction section. Meanwhile Mussoliny's Balcony connects to the section of Floor by the chilly red stair.

07 Facade

with Zaera-Polo

Showing the section of facade from all around the world. The contents on the wall describe the stories behind in term of design and materials.

08 Fireplace

Evolution of fireplace since the ancient to the newest by MIT - "The device ification of the central hearth" at the room's center. The diagram on the wall illustrates the products that have replaced fire place in some way.

09 Wall

Display from the solid brick wall to the contemporary partition, in cluding a retractable fire curtain.  The interesting part is a Kinetic wall by Barkow Leibenger. The futuristic looks of the surface contrast to its minimal construction materials behind.

10 Toilet

The variation of toilet through times. Including the ancient Roman chariot model found in Caracalla and the latest washlet model from Japan. On hte wall mapped the illustration of the bathroom story's wallpaper which based on Alexander Kira's book nameThe Bathroom.

11 Escalator

The unforgottable innovation that have change city's lifestyle. The area exhibits "Metro Escalator Simulator" by Arup along with the curve escalator in  Holloway Road underground station.

12 Elevator

Spotting on the Elevator Cabs from Otis  the one that could move vertically and horizontally, which possibly change the future of architecture. While on the other site locate Odyssy Prototype fromUniversity of Eindhoven, Circular Univator, and the capsule which used to free miners in Chille, 2010.

13 Stair

with Friedrich-Mielke-Institut für Scalalogie and Stephan Trüby

Dedicated to Friedrich Mielke who wrote about scalalogy up to 25 books. Thus, this section display models, drawings, books, documentary, and some staircase parts.

14 Ramp

with Tim Nugent and Claude Parent

The concept of ramp show out on "1974 Living Room" by Claude Parent. On the other side by Nugent exhibit the habdicapped-access ramp and 40 years of its testing and lobbying.

15 Roof

The outstanding part is the oldest enlarge architecture treatise found in China. Reavealing the interesting political end economical viewpoint about Flat Roof. Come with the reconstruction of a Chinese roof base on the  Yingzao Fashi. While the other side locate the collection of early indonesian huts and contemporary advance geometric roof.

16 Door

The landmark are 1:1 mock-ups of Renaissance, Indian, and Chinese gateways. On the wall exhibits the collection of "History of Door Handle" by FSB displaying the numerous of handles. One of the interesting is the complexity of entry procedures of 14-door security gates of  Hochosterwitz Castle and the virtual security mechanism used in the airport.

17 Book for Architecture

by Woulfgang Tilmans

The entrance of photographic consideration points - The media that concluded all of the elements together.

18 Digital Corridor

Final short corridor that display the evidence of the elements of architecture before returning to the main entrance hall.  

Said that elements of architecture (e o a) simply, clearly, and gracefully demonstrates the "fundamental" of architectural design. Undoubtly comunicates to students, young architects, through all professionals in this field.


For more about Venice Biennale.  Visit the official site here.