NEUBAU: Building Inside A Building Experience by VOLNA

This approach helps us a unique world, where the main project and it’s environment exist in their own harmony and logic.
— Volna

Volna, duo artists from St.Petersberg: Nikita Golyshev and Snezhana Vinogradova, have created NEUBAU - an audiovisual of Building inside the building installation that challenges our visual perception.

"The idea for the NEUBAU installation came to us when we first visited the Vertical Gallery. It's a very unusual place, even for St. Petersburg. " Nikita Golyshev and Snezhana Vinogradova tell Futurecrafter.

The main exhibition space situated in an abandoned fifteen-meter elevator shaft and adjacent stairway where used to be a factory during the Soviet period, creating a three-dimensional projection surface for live visuals displayed during the Biggest One ★(Russian: САМАЯ БОЛЬШАЯ ★)  2016 new year’s party and as a stand-alone exhibition.

The minimalistic generative video displays monotonous and repetitive patterns inspired by the architecture of Eastern European suburbs. The twelve-minute exhibition video depicts the life cycle of a residential building from its construction to decay and eventual demolition.

"The gallery's atmosphere reminded us the architecture and mood of the suburbs in Russian and Eastern European cities. These are overwhelmingly gloomy places with monotonous and gray architecture, but at the same time, they inspire mixed feelings of rejection and affection in people (like us) who grew up in such neighborhoods. These conflicted feelings served as a source of inspiration for the general mood and specific visual aesthetics of the NEUBAU exhibition." said Volna.

With their love to challenge by complex tasks, VOLNA is visioning through the "context-specific ideology". Delivering artistic and media execution along with the subcultural code, creating the site-specific experience with economical solutions — like NEUBAU.

Experiencing NEUBAU through the video below.

VOLNA's works range from installation and event to the real visual design project such as identity design, graphics works and communication materials for the campaign.

Right now Volna is working on several installation projects( find out more on their Facebook and own venue in St. Petersburg creation and hope we'll manage to deal with this by the end of the year.


.: Also from Moscow